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Posted by Ryan On November - 19 - 2008 2 Comments

This is a fun demonstration of density.

Regular Coke has about 35 g of sugar where Diet Coke has about 2 g of aspartame. The resulting density of Coke is 374g/355mL = 1.05g/mL and the density of Diet Coke is 354g/355mL = 1.0g/mL.

If water is has a density of 1.0g/mL, then why does the diet coke float? Well, what really is floating is the Diet Coke, an aluminum can, and the air in the can. Together they have a density less than water, whereas the comparable regular Coke, aluminum can, and air in the can have an average density higher than water. The difference between the two is essentially the unequal masses of sugar and aspartame.

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  1. Heather says:

    This is certainly the second blog post, of urs I personally read through.
    However I personally like this 1, “Float or Sink?: Coke vs.
    Diet Coke” the most. Regards -Joe

  1. […] Vote Float or Sink?: Coke vs. Diet Coke – Science Dojo […]

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