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Solutions: Supersaturated Solution

Posted by Ryan On November - 18 - 2008 0 Comment

A supersaturated solution refers to a solution that contains more of the dissolved solute than could be dissolved by the solvent under normal circumstances. Typically, these solutions are made at higher temperatures, where more solute can be dissolved, and then allowed to cool. In the video above, a seed is dropped into the solution, which  [ Read More ]

Cool Demo: Gases, Liquid Nitrogen, Clouds, and Thunder

Posted by Ryan On November - 17 - 2008 0 Comment

In this demonstration, liquid nitrogen and hot water are mixed. We hear the temperature and volume relationship of gases as the gas expands creating “thunder”. This is just like when lighting creates thunder when the heat of the lightning expands the gas around it – the quick expansion creates a sound wave. The quick evaporation  [ Read More ]

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Solids: Diamond versus Graphite

Posted by Ryan On November - 13 - 2008 1 Comment

Even though graphite and diamonds are both made of carbon, the properties of these two forms of carbon (these are two allotropes of carbon) are very different. Diamonds are very hard, clear, reflective, and non-conductive. Graphite is soft, black, and conducts electricity. How could this be?

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